AVP #14 – Thoughts on Witnessing

Brad tells another story, and the guys discuss the right and wrong ways to share Jesus with the people in their lives.

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AVP #13 – On Repentance

In this episode, Ryan and Brad talk about repentance, recasting the concept in The Beatitudes.

AVP #12 – “Hashtag Follow Up” (Follow Up #1)

This week, Ryan and Brad reply to listener feedback, answer questions, and demonstrate, once again, that men are absolute babies when we’re sick.

Brad’s Favorite Apostolic Podcasts:
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Ryan’s Favorite Apostolic Podcasts:
Apostolic Tabernacle – Sam Emory
First Church of San Jose
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AVP #11 – “I Hate Being Called Brother”

This week, Ryan and Brad discuss honorifics, footwashing and communion, and speaking in tongues.

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