Let’s Be Honest – Book Launch

I was honored to write the forward for the book Let’s Be Honest by my friend Jeremy Gove. Rest assured, this is not a trivial subject. In fact, honesty is likely one of the most overlooked and underemphasized aspects of holiness. Jeremy has done a masterful job of weaving the concepts of honesty, truth, righteousness, and holiness into a single tapestry that is comprehensible in a tangible way. 

This book isn’t heavy-handed or condescending, but it is firm and gently convicting. The beginning of each chapter will capture your attention and keep you engaged. Jeremy has a unique capacity to render complicated subjects down into easily understood nuggets of knowledge. Making this book helpful and engrossing for practically every age group. Elders and youth alike will be edified by this work. 

Jeremy is a talented and thoughtful writer. And, I consider him a spiritual thought leader. He works and ministers with excellence and pays close attention to detail. However, what makes him eminently qualified to produce a book on the topic of honesty is his own intrepid integrity. His own noble character gives him the credibility to create this needed resource.

So, read this with your family. Give it to your friends. Give copies to your leadership team. Utilize it in your small group. Walkthrough it in your student gatherings. And, don’t forget to let it speak to your heart too!

Check out Jeremy’s must-read AV article An Echo Experience. Also, be sure to stop by Jeremy’s blog page, which is also a tremendous ministry resource platform at, www.jeremygove.com