Special Guest L.J. Harry & Book Review of Ten Words: A Practical Look at the Ten Commandments

Having enjoyed the delightful 52-week devotional journey L.J. Harry takes us on in his first book, Simplify, I had high expectations for his newest work, Ten Words. However, I enjoyed Ten Words more than a kid loves ice cream on a hot summer afternoon to use the Harry colloquialism. Ten Words is precisely what its subtitle purports to be: A down-to-earth examination of the Ten Commandments full of orthopraxical information helpful for every believer regardless of their theological savvy. Young and old, new believers, and mature believers will find powerful nuggets of biblical truth in Ten Words.

Essentially, Harry has boiled down each of the Ten Commandments into a single word that captures the essence and spirit of each command, therefore, the title Ten Words. Some readers might find this strategy startling; however, they should note that the title “Ten Commandments” is not mentioned in Scripture. In fact, that particular phrase is extra-biblical. The early church referred to what we now call the Ten Commandments as the Decalogue, literally translated Ten Words.[i] Rest assured, Harry has heavily weighed every word initially written on tablets of stone by the finger of God and handed to Moses on Mount Sinai. In true apostolic fashion, Harry considers the spirit behind the law as well as the literal words themselves. Harry carefully eschews pharisaical loopholes in this examination of the Decalogue.

In his refreshing way, Harry pens tremendously convicting truths with disarming charm and wit. As a reader, I often found myself convicted without feeling attacked, belittled, or patronized. Harry’s self-deprecating style allows us the liberty to examine our weaknesses without feeling guarded or embarrassed. I’m confident readers will find this approach uplifting and feel a renewed inspiration to obey the Ten Commandments joyfully. And perhaps see their relevance in a way they have not previously understood. Harry presents the Ten Commandments as the foundation upon which the rest of our practical Christian lifestyle is built. In the postlude cleverly titled 1+1=10, Harry echoes Jesus’ encapsulation of the law: One, Love God plus two, love your neighbor equals all the commandments (Matthew 22:37-40, Mark 12:29-31). Be careful because that isn’t quite as simple as it seems on the surface. Genuinely loving God and your neighbor leads to a radical lifestyle of holiness that far exceeds a list of ten things. That reality explains why a book on the Ten Commandments is full of helpful insight related to marriage, parenting, childhood, careers, worship, friendships, authority, dating, church, attitude, and thought life. Our willingness to submit to spiritual principles contained in Ten Words impacts every aspect of our daily lives and interactions with God and one another. I consider Ten Words to be necessary reading for every person who calls themselves a Christian.

[i] Easton’s Bible Dictionary, s.v. “Decalogue,” paragraph 1928.

AVP Episode 40 | L.J. Harry Joins the Program