That Will Preach! with Jeremy Mills – Podcast

Milestone 50

I’m excited to hit the 50th episode milestone on the Apostolic Voice Podcast. It was a particular honor to have Rev. Jeremy Mills ( as a guest for the 50th recording of AVP. Jeremy just launched a brand new podcast called That Will Preach! We talk all about it, and he gives some snippets of exciting things to come. If you’re looking for inspiration or encouragement, this is the right episode for you. We also talk about good study habits, preaching helps, evangelizing, church planting, and revival miracles. Jeremy is eternally optimistic, full of faith, God-fearing, fun-loving, and a blast to talk to. I think you will love this episode. Don’t forget to check out That Will Preach! Give it five stars and a rating on iTunes, and while you’re at it, please do the same for Apostolic Voice. As always, thanks for listening.

Ep. 50 | That Will Preach! (Sermon Seeds, Study Habits, Preaching Helps, Outreach, Church Planting, and Revival Miracles) with Jeremy Mills Apostolic Voice with Ryan French

Ryan talks with Jeremy Mills, the pastor of a growing church plant in Grovetown, GA called Promise Church ( Ryan introduces Jeremy's brand-new podcast called THAT WILL PREACH!, which you can find wherever you enjoy podcasts. The two friends discuss sermon seed thoughts, note-taking, sermon preparation, preaching lifestyle, preaching improvement, outreach, Bible study, church planting, and revival miracle stories.  — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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