Video – 5 Mistakes Every Worship Leader Makes

Two things are a constant here at AV. One, the article 5 Mistakes Every Worship Leader Makes remains a favorite among readers. In fact, it’s been plagiarized word for word almost a dozen times in three different countries. Second, I endure tons of good natured ribbing about the name of this blog. Apparently, writing doesn’t quite measure up to the “voice” moniker. Point taken. The goal has always been for this site to blend articles with audio and video. With that in mind, Nathan and I sat down to discuss his article in this first ever vlog. We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. Thanks for watching.

4 thoughts on “Video – 5 Mistakes Every Worship Leader Makes

  1. We can’t say, “5 Mistakes Every Worship Leader Makes”. That doesn’t apply to everyone. We as Apostolics know better than to make statements like that. The statements that the Bible makes that applies to everyone, is statements like how everyone is under sin, and that everyone who doesn’t believe and receive Jesus are condemned.

  2. I think this is a generalized observation from 20 years of experience working with worship leaders. Every worship leader I’ve ever know, including myself, has struggled with at least one of these issues. This article is not a theological statement, it’s an observation of human nature.

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