AVP #9 – “Dealing with the Unthinkable” with Pastor DeVon Mills

This week, Ryan and Brad tackle the sensitive issue of sexual harassment and abuse in the church, joined by pastor and counselor DeVon Mills. Rev. Mills pastors at the Pentecostals of Lawrenceville, and his practice is Thrive Counseling. In this episode, they discuss how to deal with sexual abuse in the church, what to expect […]

AVP #8 – The Screwtape Letters

In this episode, the guys (@ryfrenchy, @bltitus) sit down to discuss The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Topics that come up in conversation include atheism, church hopping, idolatry, the danger of demonic distractions, spiritual warfare, and much more. Remember, you can follow AVP on Twitter or Facebook. We always enjoy your feedback and suggestions. Also, […]

AVP #7 – Overcoming Temptation

In this week’s episode, Brad tells a story, and Ryan weighs in with insights about how to overcome temptation. Follow the podcast on Facebook or Twitter, and share ideas for future topics or ask questions with #AskAVP. You can also follow Brad on his blog or Facebook, and Ryan at his blog and on Facebook.

Apostolic Voice Podcast, Christmas Bonus Episode 6 – Interview: Christian Recording Artist Devin Cunningham

In this Christmas edition of the Apostolic Voice Podcast, Ryan interviews Christian recording artist Devin Cunningham. They discuss Devin’s recent projects and all things Christian music related.             

Apostolic Voice Podcast, Episode 4 – I’m Very Proud of My Humility

The guys of AVP (@ryfrenchy, @bltitus) talk about the importance of genuine humility, how to avoid false humility, and give a checklist for identifying pride. Please consider giving us an over the top review in iTunes to help improve our rankings. As always, thanks for listening.

Apostolic Voice Podcast, Episode 2 – The Broken Prodigal with Brad Titus (Part 2)

In episode 1, Ryan began an interview with producer Brad Titus about his story. In this episode, Brad concludes his testimony, and the guys discuss the right and wrong ways to respond to backsliders, and ways to help a prodigal return home.

Apostolic Voice Podcast, Episode 1 – The Broken Prodigal with Brad Titus (part 1)

In this, the inaugural episode of The Apostolic Voice Podcast, host Ryan French introduces and interviews his friend and podcast producer Brad Titus of bltitus.com, where Brad shares his testimony and deliverance from drug addiction, alcoholism, and how God restored his life, marriage, and ministry.